Notice of Midterm Vacancy, Mayor


Pursuant to Utah Code 20A-1-150: If any vacancy occurs in the municipal
office of the municipal executive or the member of the municipal
legislative body, the municipal legislative body shall appoint a
registered voter in the municipality who meets the qualifications for
office established in Section 10-3-301 to fill the unexpired term of the
office vacated. On July 15, 2015 the Paradise Town Council will hold a
regular meeting for the purpose of filling the vacant seat of Mayor and
where all interested parties will be heard. The meeting will be held at
the Paradise Town hall at 9035 S. 100 W. in Paradise Utah at 7:30 p.m.
The deadline for submitting an interested person’s name is July 14,
2015. Interested persons should contact Alyssa Petersen at the town
office 435-245-6737, 9035 S. 100 W. Paradise.

Attest: Alyssa Petersen, Recorder
Posting date: July 2, 2015