Notice of Annexation Certification

Notice of Certification

This statement is to notify the public that the Paradise Town Council
has received certification of the annexation petition submitted by Paul
Danielson and John Willis. The petition was accepted by the Town Council
on January 20, 2016 at the regular Town Council meeting. It has been
certified by the Paradise Town Recorder based on these criterion:

1. It has been filed with the town recorder of Paradise Town (the
annexing municipality).

2. The petition contains the signature of Paul Danielson and John
Willis, who are the owners of the real property.

3. The petition contains an accurate and recordable map, prepared by a
licensed surveyor, of the area proposed for annexation.

4. The Petition designates a sponsor, and indicates the mailing address
of said person.

5. Petition does not contain any piece of land that has been proposed
for annexation under previously filed petitions that have been denied,
rejected, or granted.