Newsletter – January 2012

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Paradise Town
Office of the Mayor
January, 2012

TOWN COUNCIL APPOINTMENT – As many of you know, Don Snyder asked to resign from the Town Council due to his health. We will certainly miss his help and level headed approach to dealing with issues that the Council faces. After posting the vacancy in accordance with the State statutes, the Council nominated Mr. Dale Anderson to complete the remaining 2 years of Don’s term. He was sworn in at our regular meeting held January 4th, as well as Jay Rinderknecht and Margaret Obray who both ran unopposed for the other two open seats. We should have a really good Council going forward for the next couple of years.

BUSINESS LICENSES – Letters should have gone out to all current Business License holders in the Town for renewal for 2012. If you have a business (or are contemplating creating one) and are unsure if you meet the requirements for a License, please get with me or Bev and we will review your situation and the ordinance and make sure that things are in order.

DOG LICENSES – We are planning on having our annual Dog Clinic at the Town Shed on February 25th from 10AM until 1PM. Clay will be there to offer Rabies shots for $12 and Parvo/Distemper Combo for $15. The fee for licensing dogs is reduced if you take care of it at or before the time of the Dog Clinic. Also if you have proof that your dog has been “fixed,” the rates are discounted. Bev should have tags shortly and you can simply bring her the appropriate paperwork (not the dog!) and get a tag from her at the office if you can’t come to the Clinic and don’t need shots or have evidence from a Vet that the required shots are current.

EMPTY HOMES/BUSINESSES FOR SALE – I think that we all agree that it is desirable to fill empty homes with families and to have our community businesses open and ready to serve the public. Specifically, the Cracker Barrel has been re-listed at a significantly reduced price and if any of you know family, friends, co-workers or others that may be interested in that business opportunity, please pass it along and hopefully it can re-open soon. I believe that it is a good idea to help sell our town to our friends to get empty homes/businesses filled with those that desire living in a wonderful little community.

NEW PARK – The exchange with Logan City to trade topsoil for roadbase gravel is nearly complete. We have graded base put in for the equestrian arena as well as for a smaller warm-up arena to the east of the large one. Since we had an excess of topsoil, we continued to exchange it for additional roadbase to be used in the future for parking areas. We also have completed hauling the sandy clay mix for the top surface of both arenas. Metal panels have been selected and will be ready for installation when the weather improves. This should provide a nice area to work with our animals this summer while future phases of the park are being funded and worked on.
Jason Summers has been leading our Park Committee and has put in hundreds of hours – please thank him when you see him and offer to help if able!

PLANNING AND ZONING – We still have openings for a couple more people to serve on Planning and Zoning. That Board typically meets just once a month for an hour or so. If the building economy ever significantly changes, it might take a little more time than that. Issues that P&Z will be considering in the near future will likely include the replacement of the 2nd/3rd Ward LDS Church, and the typical spring/summer projects where residents add garages or sheds.

SPRING SOCCER SIGNUPS – For those interested in spring soccer, sign-ups will be at the Town Hall on Saturday January 28th from 9-11 AM and on Thursday February 2nd from 6 – 7:30 PM. Contact Brook Hansen for more info at 245-4025.

HOPEFULLY HELPFUL LINKS – Here are a few things that may be of help: Bookmobile schedule for our Town/County Info about library access ($30/year) and book lists/activities Now you know when the blue can gets emptied! Folks you can talk to and question about the County plan to obtain the Davenport Road by lawsuit or Eminent Domain south of Avon. This is worth researching and commenting on as it may open the road to Powder Mountain/LaPlatta areas and have a direct impact on our community.

Please call me with any, concerns, comments, or questions regarding the above notes or other Town issues.
Leland Howlett – Mayor