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Job Opening: Part-time Public Works/Development Director

Paradise Town is looking for qualified persons to apply for a part-time Public Works/Development Director position.

Qualified individuals should email a resume and cover letter to

3 comments to Job Opening: Part-time Public Works/Development Director

  • Braden Reeder

    To whom it may concern:

    I am curious what duties this job requires. I am interested in applying but first would like to read a job description of the responsibilities of this position.

    My email Address is
    Or you can contact me by phone at 770-4715

    Braden Reeder

  • what are the lines of work? i mean the responsibilities… can you make it more specific?

  • Leland Howlett

    If you go back to the home page, click announcements, then scroll over the text listing the position you will find a link to a .pdf file with all of the details.

    You can call me at my home and we can discuss it if you would like


    Leland Howlett