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Newsletter – January 2012

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Paradise Town
Office of the Mayor
January, 2012

TOWN COUNCIL APPOINTMENT – As many of you know, Don Snyder asked to resign from the Town Council due to his health. We will certainly miss his help and level headed approach to dealing with issues that the Council faces. After posting the vacancy in accordance with the State statutes, the Council nominated Mr. Dale Anderson to complete the remaining 2 years of Don’s term. He was sworn in at our regular meeting held January 4th, as well as Jay Rinderknecht and Margaret Obray who both ran unopposed for the other two open seats. We should have a really good Council going forward for the next couple of years.

BUSINESS LICENSES – Letters should have gone out to all current Business License holders in the Town for renewal for 2012. If you have a business (or are contemplating creating one) and are unsure if you meet the requirements for a License, please get with me or Bev and we will review your situation and the ordinance and make sure that things are in order.

DOG LICENSES – We are planning on having our annual Dog Clinic at the Town Shed on February 25th from 10AM until 1PM. Clay will be there to offer Rabies shots for $12 and Parvo/Distemper Combo for $15. The fee for licensing dogs is reduced if you take care of it at or before the time of the Dog Clinic. Also if you have proof that your dog has been “fixed,” the rates are discounted. Bev should have tags shortly and you can simply bring her the appropriate paperwork (not the dog!) and get a tag from her at the office if you can’t come to the Clinic and don’t need shots or have evidence from a Vet that the required shots are current.

EMPTY HOMES/BUSINESSES FOR SALE – I think that we all agree that it is desirable to fill empty homes with families and to have our community businesses open and ready to serve the public. Specifically, the Cracker Barrel has been re-listed at a significantly reduced price and if any of you know family, friends, co-workers or others that may be interested in that business opportunity, please pass it along and hopefully it can re-open soon. I believe that it is a good idea to help sell our town to our friends to get empty homes/businesses filled with those that desire living in a wonderful little community.

NEW PARK – The exchange with Logan City to trade topsoil for roadbase gravel is nearly complete. We have graded base put in for the equestrian arena as well as for a smaller warm-up arena to the east of the large one. Since we had an excess of topsoil, we continued to exchange it for additional roadbase to be used in the future for parking areas. We also have completed hauling the sandy clay mix for the top surface of both arenas. Metal panels have been selected and will be ready for installation when the weather improves. This should provide a nice area to work with our animals this summer while future phases of the park are being funded and worked on.
Jason Summers has been leading our Park Committee and has put in hundreds of hours – please thank him when you see him and offer to help if able!

PLANNING AND ZONING – We still have openings for a couple more people to serve on Planning and Zoning. That Board typically meets just once a month for an hour or so. If the building economy ever significantly changes, it might take a little more time than that. Issues that P&Z will be considering in the near future will likely include the replacement of the 2nd/3rd Ward LDS Church, and the typical spring/summer projects where residents add garages or sheds.

SPRING SOCCER SIGNUPS – For those interested in spring soccer, sign-ups will be at the Town Hall on Saturday January 28th from 9-11 AM and on Thursday February 2nd from 6 – 7:30 PM. Contact Brook Hansen for more info at 245-4025.

HOPEFULLY HELPFUL LINKS – Here are a few things that may be of help: Bookmobile schedule for our Town/County Info about library access ($30/year) and book lists/activities Now you know when the blue can gets emptied! Folks you can talk to and question about the County plan to obtain the Davenport Road by lawsuit or Eminent Domain south of Avon. This is worth researching and commenting on as it may open the road to Powder Mountain/LaPlatta areas and have a direct impact on our community.

Please call me with any, concerns, comments, or questions regarding the above notes or other Town issues.
Leland Howlett – Mayor

Newsletter – December 2011

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Paradise Town
Office of the Mayor
December, 2011

NATIONAL FLOOD INSURANCE PROGRAM – Following the Public Hearing held on November 16th, and after spending considerable time discussing the issue with the citizens and as a Council, the decision was made to go ahead with joining the National Flood Insurance Program. This allows property owners that live in the designated Flood Zone to obtain flood insurance at a subsidized rate.
Since it seems to many that the Flood Map provided by FEMA is unrealistic, we will be considering various options regarding further study and refinement of the Flood Zones. Funding for this type of engineering study is not part of our current fiscal year budget and will likely have to be postponed until the next budget year, unless State or Federal grants become available to fund a project of that magnitude.

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS – If you catch a member of the Lion’s Club, please thank them for getting the lights ready and hung up this November. While not quite as fancy as Hyrum’s or Preston’s, we do enjoy a little holiday decoration and appreciate the work it takes to get bulbs put in and the lights checked out.

ROADS AND SNOW – Please do your part to help us safely and economically remove snow this winter by keeping cars off of and away from the road. Also, if it looks stormy, wait until Wednesday morning to put your dumpster on the street, and remove it Wednesday evening. Plowing around obstacles means the truck has to go down your street again to finish pushing the snow back to the edge. There are about 12 miles of road in town, and most of them take 3 or 4 passes to clean them to the edges, so you can certainly see the impact of needing additional trips to complete the job due to garbage cans or cars.
Most of the streets in Town are centered in a 99-foot right of way, with Town property extending a few dozen feet on either side of the asphalt. That area is to run and service utility lines and also is intended to be a safe area for the removal of snow. To prevent narrow roads and blind intersections when the snow gets deep, we typically plow back a little beyond the edge of the asphalt, and push the corners back to help with visibility. This sometimes results in the disturbance of landscaping that has been placed on the Town property. We appreciate homeowner’s efforts to have a beautiful yard and hope you understand that if the grass gets disturbed near the road edges and corners, you will have ample opportunity in the Spring to put it back and soon it will look nice again.

OFFICE HOURS – We have missed Bev while she was out. Between her and the Temp, the office should be open most days Monday – Thursday in December. We will be closed on the Monday the 26th of December to extend our celebration of Christmas just a little. We will try to have a sign on the door letting you know of modified hours during the month.

TOWN HALL/PARK RENTAL – There are still some open times at the Town Hall for family holiday parties this month. Please call the office and get it scheduled as soon as you can for best choice on dates. The rental fee is very minimal for a facility that size with a nice kitchen.
If you would like to reserve either pavilion for this upcoming Summer, we will begin taking reservations on the 3rd of January at the office.

DOGS – I have heard the joke at an elected official training class about the toughest part of the job is dealing with dogs, and if that can be solved, everything else is easy. In our Town, it seems that we certainly have those same challenges. I am sure that if I kept track carefully, the number one thing folks call about or discuss at the Post Office, store, or gas station is some king of a dog problem. It comes down to being a good neighbor and keeping your animals in your own yard – and helping them be quiet.
There seems to be some misconception about what is enforceable and what is not. Essentially, if your dog is off of your property – even if enticed by other dogs, horses, or people out and about, you may be cited for “running at large.” If the dog is bothering children, animals or even adults on the roadways or in a yard other than the dog owner’s, you may also be cited for “Chasing/Worrying.” Additional citations cover the situation where someone is actually bitten. If your dog is well behaved, you certainly can go take it for a walk without a leash, as long as it has been trained to immediately come to you if called. Keeping the animal under control and out of other’s yards is the owner’s direct responsibility.
The intent of these ordinances is to provide a place where children can play, people can walk, jog, keep domestic backyard animals, or just be in their own yard without the fear of being bothered by someone’s dog. Most everyone loves their dog and wants it to have as much freedom as possible, but when it creates a negative situation for others – public safety must prevail.
If you see dogs running up and down the road or sniffing through your backyard, please call the Sherriff Office Dispatch number at 716-9400 and give a good description, and if you know whose it is, pass that along as well. If your dog comes up missing, check with the Cache Humane Society, as that is the place we have contracted with for housing.
Obviously if the situation is an emergency due to imminent injury, a call to 911 is appropriate, as is resolving the matter yourself immediately and safely to prevent loss of a child or valuable animal’s life. Please be considerate of others and keep your dogs confined to your property.
Besides the above dog rules, all of the laws, ordinances, and zoning rules are intended to provide a system where everyone is treated fairly by having uniform expectations of behavior and land use based on a documented standard. While some consider their individual situation to be unique or special, if the rules are not followed uniformly, it becomes unfair to others. Public input is always welcome if you feel we need to revise an ordinance for some reason and take it through the established change process.
Please call/e-mail me with any comments or questions regarding the above notes or other Town issues.

Leland Howlett – Mayor

Notice of Vacancy

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Pursuant to Utah Code 20A-1-510: if any vacancy occurs in the municipal legislative body, the municipal legislative body shall appoint a registered voter in the municipality who meets the qualifications for office established in Section 10-3-301 to fill the unexpired term of the office vacated until the January following the next municipal election.

On January 4, 2012, the Paradise Town Council will hold a Regular meeting with the purpose of filling the vacancy to be held at the Paradise Town Hall at 9035 South 100 West in Paradise, Utah at seven P.M.

Deadline for submitting an interested person’s name is January 3, 2012.

Unfortunately, Mr. Don Snyder who has served on the Council since January 2010 has submitted a letter of resignation to the Council on December 7th due to his health. We will certainly miss his level headed approach to working through issues and challenges that the town faces.

Please consider this opportunity to serve for a 2-year period, ending January 2014. Official filing (which consists of putting your name on a list) must be done with Bev. Of course, please feel free to contact the Mayor or any member of the Council with any questions about this position.

Also – we need a couple of more residents to serve on the Planning and Zoning board. Typically they meet just once a month for about an hour, often less now that building has slowed a little. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the land use ordinances of the community and the vital role they play in the organized growth and development of Paradise. Please get with Bev or the Council about those positions as well.

The qualifications for these positions require that you be a registered voter, live in the town continuously for the past 12 months, be of sound mind, not a convicted felon, nor can you have current serious crimes against the Town, unless resolved and purged in accordance with State Statute.

Public Hearing – 16 Nov 2011


On November 16, 2011 at 6:00 p.m., the Paradise Town Council will hold a public hearing at 9035 South 100 West, Paradise, Utah for the purpose of discussing & considering Paradise Town joining the National Flood Insurance Program.

All interested persons shall be given an opportunity to be heard.

Attest: Bev Schiefer, Recorder
Publication date: November 9, 2011


Paradise Town is considering enrolling in the National Flood Insurance Program. In order to qualify for participation, the town must pass a resolution and ordinance that restrict development of land designated as flood hazard area. Paradise Town will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, 16 November 2011 @ 6pm to discuss the proposed resolution and ordinance.

John Croft, Utah Flooplain Manager, will attend the hearing to help explain the ordinance and answer any questions.

All citizens are encouraged to attend. Citizens who own property in currently designated flood hazard areas will receive a written invitation by mail.

Click here to view the proposed resolution.

Click here to view the proposed ordinance.

Notice of Cancellation of Election

Pursuant to Utah Code 20A-1-206M:

A municipal legislative body may cancel an election if: all the municipal officers are elected in an at-large election…: and the number of municipal officer candidates, including any eligible write-in candidates…if any, does not exceed the number of open at-large municipal offices for which the candidates have filed.

On October 5, 2011, the Paradise Town Council adopted Resolution 01-2011 cancelling the Paradise Town November 8, 2011 Municipal Election and certifying the following:

  • • There are two candidates for two at-large town council seats.
  • • There are no municipal ballot propositions.
  • • The following candidates are considered to be elected to office:
    •   • Margaret Obray
    •   • Jay Rinderknecht