June 2011


There are 2 seats available this November for Town Council. These are 4-year positions that require a minimum of 12 months residency in Town as well as a few other simple State mandated rules (see below). The time period outlined by the State to declare candidacy is between 8 AM July 1 and 5 PM July 15. Please contact the town Clerk to get the necessary forms and info. Serving on the Council is an important part of making Paradise a better place to live.

For any that might be interested in serving in the Town but want to avoid the formality of elections and a 4-year term, there are a couple of members of our Planning Commission that have served for a long time and have wondered when we can replace them. Please talk to the Mayor, the Clerk, or any member of the Council if you are interested in this kind of opportunity.

For more information:
ULCT Summary of Election Issues

Utah Code – Title 20A – Chapter 9: Candidate Qualifications and Nominating Procedures

Hydrant Testing – Jun 8th

On Wednesday, June 8th, the Fire Department will be doing flow testing on several fire hydrants in various parts of town. The flow testing is necessary to maintain adequate fire protection. The high flow of water through the hydrants may temporarily increase the turbidity of the water for nearby residents. If you notice any discoloration of the water coming into your home, please let the water run until it runs clear.

We should all give a big thanks to our volunteer Fire Department for all that they do for us!

Taking Bids for Hay on Stump

About 14.5 acres grassy hay on the new Paradise Town park property, Approx 9600 South Hwy 165
Hay will be sold at a “price per ton” to the highest qualified bidder. Yield tonnage shall be determined by weighing several representative bales from various parts of the field and those weights extended to the entire crop for that cutting.
Bidders must get a form from Bev at the office or download from www.paradise.utah.gov.
Bids will be opened at the regular Council Meeting held 7:30 June 15, 2011 and winner will be notified on Thursday June 16th.
Please review form carefully, sign and seal in an envelope clearly labeled “Hay Bid” and drop off to the office before noon on Wed June 15th.
Bids can also be mailed to PO Box 286 Paradise, UT 84328 as long as they are in our PO Box by the deadline.
Contact the Mayor, Bev, or any member of the Town Council for more info regarding this sale.

For more information, see bid form.